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Watercolor Painting

“I like to superimpose the layers of paint, the washes, to give relief and depth.
I like to mix colors, create blurs, reflect, cloudy atmospheres...
the freedom of watercolor is endless! »

A trip to New York in 2013 enlightens Vanessa on her watercolor practice. The geometry, lights and colors of this megalopolis inspire her, even creating very large formats. Vanessa uses this technique of watercolor in a contemporary rendering, sometimes close to abstraction, always in transparency.

She paints the cities she visits and the landscapes that surround her.
Vanessa passes on her technique with passion during dedicated courses.

Watercolors from the Annecy region
Watercolors from the Annecy region Japanese style

You can find the reproductions of these Japanese watercolors painting in a book,
illustrated with short poems, haikus. Available for sale -see more-

Watercolors of New York and other major cities

The work on the city of New York gave rise to an exhibition of large formats at the City of Time, Swatch Foundation, Geneva (Switzerland), in 2015.

Watercolor Workshops

Organization of painting courses,
individual or collective, in the workshop.

During the day, we will work on color and water, on the superpositions, on the withdrawals, while making clarifications on the different papers and brushes, and all the little actions that allow me to build a paint.
The course is designed in a didactic way, exercises, demonstrations and step-by-step allow everyone to better understand the practice of watercolor painting.

The internship is open to everyone, the material is lent or provided (colors, paper).

Individual : 110 euros, 3 hours of lessons.

Collective: 110 euros per person, 6 hours of lessons, 3 pers. minimum.

Dates on demand or proposals in the newsletter (subscribe! at the bottom)


Gift vouchers are available for direct purchase on my other sales site:

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