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The Danse - An Artmajeur comment

About this piece "Danseurs à la Matisse", Olimpia curator for #Artmajeur says :

"As made explicit in the title, Renoux's sculpture looked to the example of Matisse, referencing the French master's The Dance (1909-10), a work in which bodies are unbalanced and twisting to go along with the explication of a rotating dancing movement.

In contrast to the masterpiece in question, which was criticized at the time for its strong and aggressive colors, Renoux responds with an extensive use of gold, at any rate always flashy and impactful.

It would almost seem that the artist from Artmajeur wanted to generate a simplified composition of reality, in line with Matisse's main intent: to arrive at a figurative representation, where preference is given, rather than fidelity to objective data, to the harmonic integration between figures and the representation of rhythm."

Dim 42x 30x20cm

Back side.

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